Monday, May 18, 2009


Ilam is the one of the District of Mechi Zone, at the East of Nepal, A land lock country of South Asia. Ilam Bazar is the Head Quarter of the District Ilam Itself, It covers an area of 1703 Sq KM and has a population as per 2001 census 282 806. it is situated at the distance of 600 KM from the Capital Kathmandu, Many Researchers are attracted here, who come here to research on different rare species of Birds, the Red Panda. Ilam stretches from Tarai region to the High Himalayan regions.

Ilam is one of the ten self ruling state of Limbuwan, Before the unification of Nepal ilam was ruled by the King Hangshu Phuba Lingdom of Lingdom Dynasty as a confiderate state of Limbuwan Until 1813 AD

Ilam is one of the most developing District of Nepal, Ilam is famous for Tea Garden, ILAM TEA is the famous tea in the world as Darjeeling Tea, it exported to many parts of the world specially Europe. The main source of income is TEA, Cardimon, Potato, Milk and Ginger.

The place is also a religious spot it attracts lots of people here for pilgrimmage, The temple of Devi is the Famous temple.

The major Tourist attraction of ilam is its Natural Beauty, the Tea Garden, Nine cornered Lake (Mai Pokhari), The Mai river. The Famous Mane Pass (Mane Vanjyang) Connects Ilam with Darjeeling the hilly District of West Bangal India.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Sikkim is a landlocked Indian state nestled in the Himalayas. It is the least populous state in India, and the second-smallest in area after Goa. The thumb-shaped state borders Nepal in the west, Tibet to the north and east, and Bhutan in the southeast. The Indian state of West Bengal borders Sikkim to its south. The official languages are Sikkimese, Nepali, Lepcha, Limbu, and English. The language of almost all written transactions is English. The predominant religions are Hinduism and Vajrayana Buddhism. Gangtok is the capital and largest town.
Despite its tiny size, Sukhim is a geographically diverse, owing to its location on the Himalaya. The climate ranges from subtropical to high alpine. Kangchenjunga, the world's third highest peak, is located in the northwestern part of the state on the boundary with Nepal, and can be seen from most parts of the state. Sikkim is a popular tourist destination for its culture, scenic beauty and biodiversity.


Darjeeling is a town in the Indian state of West Bengal. It is the headquarters of Darjeeling district, in the Shiwalik Hills on the lower range of the Himalaya, at an average elevation of 6,982 ft (2,134 m). During the British Raj in India, Darjeeling's temperate climate led to its development as a hill station (hill town) for British residents to escape the heat of the plains during the summers.
Darjeeling is internationally famous for its tea industry and the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The tea plantations date back to the mid 19th century as part of a British development of the area. The tea growers of the area developed distinctive hybrids of black tea and fermenting techniques, with many blends considered among the world's finest. The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway connecting the town with the plains was declared a World Heritage Site in 1999 and is one of the few steam engines still in service in India.
Darjeeling has several British-style public schools, which attract students from many parts of India and neighbouring countries. The town, along with neighbouring Kalimpong was a major centre for the demand of a separate Gorkhaland state in the 1980s, though the separatist movement has gradually decreased over the past decade due to the setting up of an autonomous hill council. In recent years the town's fragile ecology is threatened by a rising demand for environmental resources, stemming from growing tourist traffic and poorly planned urbanisation.